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Friday, June 2, 2023

Facebook Page Name Change, Freemium Facebook Community, Updates and etc.

Have to update the Facebook Page. Want it to be more of a brand page thing than anything really!

Hoping to change it from Steph / Stephone to or anything CLOSE.

To get all Facebook Posts, just follow my New Page that's close to monetization:

NEW: Facebook Group & others : There will be several FREEMIUM groups for those who support me and my vision!


Snapchat: ADD: DM a 100 Emoji to be added onto the Steph1official Shared group!! You can freely upload to your hearts content!!!

Clubhouse: Coming SOON.

Discord: Premium Only (FREE TO THE FIRST 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS OF THE UN-6:29 COMMUNITY) : Registration: Freemium: Weekly Updates. UN6:29 -> Instant Updates. Premium everything.

What's New? 

1.) New Blog Categories -

A: (Steph1official is Here To Help You Pick Up The Broken Glass) A self help and healing. You'll also see my written poetry and art.

B:(Let Steph1official be your VOICE! Friends don't let Friends die!) My story and push to find those struggling with mental health. It begins where my own "friends" told me "We all have shit going on... I'm busy". All I needed was ONE person to take my call.... meanwhile I took everyones calls. 

2.) Mobile Site Version For the Steph1official Members

3.) Directory Registration for the UN 6:29 Community

4.) Monthly raffles to reward those for being amazing supporters. 

5.) Phone app still in development. For now you can save the websites to your home screen

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