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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Minister Steph1official Coming With The Ministry Of "United Niggalations 6:29"

Minister Steph1official. A registered ordained minister since July 31st, 2021.

 About Me

My Ministry:G  “United Niggalations-6:29->

"Thou shall practice Muthafuckin freedom of speech & freedom of expression... In the UNITY of everyone..& Breaketh Thy Foots In The Asses Of Our Enemies Who Want To Drive Hate Between Us All.... Use Thy Lead that was Giveth On This Earth To Deliver Thy Enemy’s On T-Shirts”

Simple Enough I Ain't With The Hate

These hands rated E for everyone… anointed with the Holy-Fuck-Around-N-Find-Out-Water cuz I ain't Jesus or Dr. King & I don't turn the other cheek on thy Enemies .- “United Niggalations 6:29”

My Beliefs ?

Is This The UNITED States Of America??? Better Yet United Planet Earth Of United Niggalations 6:29?? 

AMERICA,  let's go ahead and get this out of the way and get on the same page...

I'm letting you all know..freedom, freedom of speech & freedom of expression is not a 1-way thing and solely for 1 group.

AMERICA !!! i'm here to crack jokes and tell ya asses upfront i don't give 2 flying fucks about your feelings about any jokes coming out from me. Learn how to crack a beer open & grill food outside with ya Niggas! Yeah YOU!!

Now sit down shut the fuck up, get some laughs in and i don't wanna hear no gawd damn crying about shit said.

Better Start Acting United In This Bitch Cuz We All Gentleman & Lady Niggas Today

Black Niggas

African Niggas

Multi-Racial Niggas

White /European Niggas

Asian Niggas

Southeast Asian Niggas

Native Niggas

Island Niggas

Latino Niggas

Hispanic Niggas

Middle Eastern Niggas

Hawaiin Niggas

Mormon Niggas

Christian Niggas

Buddhist Niggas

Agnostic Niggas

Atheist Niggas

Muslim Niggas

Jehovah Witness Niggas

Taoist Niggas

LGBTQ Niggas

Skinny Niggas

Anorexic Niggas

Obtuse Niggas

Fat Niggas

Short Niggas

Wide Niggas

One-Armed Niggas

No Arms Niggas

One Legged Niggas

No Legged Niggas

One-Eyed Niggas

Blind Niggas

No Eyes Niggas

Deaf Niggas

Mute Niggas

Drug Addicted Niggas

Drunk Niggas

Mental Health Niggas

Vegan Niggas

Vegetarian Niggas

Meat Lover Niggas

Diabetic Niggas

Cancer Niggas

Leukemia Niggas

Patriotic Niggas

Gun-Loving Niggas

No Gun-Loving Niggas

Peaceful Niggas

Celibate Niggas

Freaky Sex Having Niggas

Polyamorous Niggas

Monogomaous Niggas

Transparent Niggas

Rude Niggas (Just Don't Kill The BBQ Vibes Please)

Stripper Niggas

Onlyfans Niggas

Freedom of Speech Niggas

Scientist Niggas

Physicist Niggas

Biologist Niggas

Corporate Niggas

Blue Collar Workin Niggas

And Whatever Else Cool Laid Back Category Niggas are left

WHO I DONT ROCK WITH --> Pedophiles, Racists, Prejudiced, Misogynistic, Ego Driven, & Them Weird Ass Elitist That Try To Hate Everyone & Keep Us From Having BBQs, & Whoever Else Immediately Kill The Vibe Our Party / BBQ vibe of us  United Niggalations-6:29 


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